Business highlights

Main Business

Main Business
Business Details Values
Natural gas facility maintenance and piping inspection
  • Natural gas production facility maintenance
  • Natural gas supplying facility maintenance and piping inspection
  • Gas facility renovation/repair
  • Safe and steady natural gas supply
  • Keeping and improving production facility performance
  • Keeping and improving supplying facility performance
  • Promoting convenience and benefit for the public
  • mproving gas facility construction quality and securing safety
  • Extending gas distribution
  • Design, supervision, technical service
  • Natural gas business validity investigation
  • Securing energy design technologies
  • Saving money and exporting technologies
nternational business
  • Gas facility test-drive service
  • Gas facility maintenance
  • Package facility business
  • Maximizing using technology know-how
  • Diversifying business, increasing profit
Technology development and research
  • Localizing LNG storing tank and natural gas facilities
  • LNG bunkering, technology development, etc.
  • Localizing gas facility technologies
  • Saving money and exporting technologies

Main business showings

Main business showings
Business 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Natural gas facility maintenance construction and piping inspection 103,447 110,994 124,223 130,361 142,848
Piping diversion construction, etc. 20,131 21,226 9,095 20,556 17,900
Tank design service, etc. 23,108 24,071 54,007 23,613 12,100
International maintenance service, etc. - 4,300 1,667 3,827 17,644
Government subsidies - - - 10 559
Total 146,686 160,537 188,992 178,367 191,051

* Based on the closing of each year-end

Major Activities and Records

Major Activities and Records Table
Detailed Project Name Activities Project Performance
Maintaining Natural Gas Production Facility
  • Inspecting/Maintaining LNG unloading facility, storage facility, vaporization facility, and outgoing delivery facility
  • Maintenance on natural gas production facility and ancillary facilities in all the regions of South Korea
  • Maintaining take-over terminal facility in Pyeongtaek
  • Maintaining take-over terminal facility in Incheon
  • Maintaining take-over terminal facility in Tongyoung
Maintaining Natural Gas Supply Facility
  • Maintenance on natural gas supply facility and ancillary facilities in all the regions of South Korea
  • Maintenance/Repair on the major gas supply pipelines and pipeline parts
  • aintaning natural gas supply facility (Seoul, Gyeongin, Chungcheong, Honam, Gyeongbuk, Gyeongnam, Gangwon, and Seohae)
Natural gas related construction projects
  • Increasing, Expanding, Remodeling of Gas Facility
  • NGV Projects
  • Repair/Maintenance Works on natural gas production and supply facility
  • Expanding/Moving Gas Facility
  • Construction of LCNG/CNG stations
Design, Construction Supervision Consulting Business
  • Gas Facility Engineering Projects
  • Reviewing gas facility technology and Conducting feasibility study
  • Design of LNG Storage Tank
  • Design of LNG Production Terminal
  • Design of natural gas main pipelines and supply terminal
  • Feasibility Study on PNG projects
Developing technology on LNG tank and natural gas facility
  • Developing technology on LNG storage tank
  • Developing technology on natural gas facility
  • Developing a design technology for LNG storage tank with 9% Ni type
  • Developing a design technology on membrane-type LNG storage tank
Energy Saving Facility Project
  • Energy Facility projects
  • Small-sized Cogeneration Power Plant Facility Project
  • Electric Facility Projects
  • Heat using facility construction projects
  • New Regeneration Energy Installation Project (Geo-thermal)
Domestic/Overseas Commissioning & Maintenance Sector
  • Participated in Commissioning & Maintenance for domestic/overseas gas facility
  • Commissioning for CCAGG project in Nigeria
  • Commissioning for QP LPG project in Qatar
  • Commissioning for Gbaran-Ubie IOGP project in Nigeria
  • Maintenance for POSCO Gwangyang LNG Terminal project in Korea
  • Commissioning for PTT LNG Terminal project in Thailand
  • Commissioning for Jiangsu LNG Terminal , Dalian LNG Terminal, Zhejiang LNG Terminal project in China respectively
  • Maintenance for Manzanillo LNG Terminal in Mexico
  • CMS installation service & Commissioning for SLNG LNG Terminal project in Singapore respectively

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